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Blaming Foreigners For Our Problems is Wrong

By Muzi Kuzwayo

The false but fashionable trend of blaming South Africa’s problems on foreigners, is a clear sign that our current leaders have run out of ideas. Blaming ‘foreigners’ has failed before and it is a sure fire way to self-destruction and eternal ruin. 

This strategy was most infamously executed on May 31 and 1 June 1921 when white Americans burnt and destroyed what was then called ‘Black Wall Street,’ in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

It was not the last time it was used….On 9th November 1938, in what was called the ‘Night of the Broken Glass’ or Kristallnacht. The Nazi Party’s paramilitary wing attacked Jewish properties. 

The much publicised search of private property by elected representatives without any legal warrants must be called out and called in. You cannot fight illegality with illegality.

We have to ignite hope instead of stirring unwarranted prejudices. We have to make South Africa work by finding new ideas and new policies.

Those ideas and policies need new heroes. They need you to search inside our hearts and minds for new and creative solutions that will lead to progress, equality and prosperity.

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