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Youth March

Let the fires of failure give new life.

South Africa your future has been ordained and it is splendid. The sacrifices have been made and the price has been paid. All that is left is for you to wake up from your deadly slumber.

Stand up. Stir your soul and climb the steps to your glory.

As you ascend to your rightful place where you will be the envy of the world, let there be no family that goes to bed without bread.

Let there be no woman who lives in fear.

Let everybody enjoy our hard-earned freedom and not be the victims of cowardly criminals who strike randomly and mercilessly.

Let no family lose a loved one in car accidents because of unworthy roads and dangerous drivers.

Let no taxi driver die because of violence while trying to feed his family.

And let not the failings of our poorly conceived education system condemn our children to a life of perpetual poverty or sentence them to the dustbin of the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

Why, we ask, in a country of such great abundance do we have beggars on the streets? Great nations take care of their poor and the disadvantaged, making sure they are not left behind in the brisk march of progress.

If you do not change things who will?
If you do not change things, who will?

The perverted, the vile and the vicious who have no shame of stealing from the poor and the destitute must be made to feel the wrath of a thousand lions.

The policeman who collects bribes instead of protecting the people must be dishonourably discarded from the police service.

The government official who wants sexual favours before he signs up the desperate mother for grants, has no place in our public service. Serving in public office is an honour that must be cherished because it is for the people and not for personal gain.

It is time to carve a fresh path that will lead South Africans out of the shackles of unemployment and despair into the desired paradise that will make our forefathers and foremothers proud of the sacrifices they have made.

The future does not belong to those who drown in the depths of hopelessness, but to those who dare to fight for what they believe in.

What could be better than a fair, peaceful and just society. That is what South Africa promises through the constitution, and we must never ever compromise on that promise.

Avert the revolution

In his book entitled, Guerrilla Warfare, Mao Tse Tung wrote: “A potential revolutionary situation exists in any country where the government consistently fails in its obligation to ensure at least a minimally decent standard of life for the great majority of its citizens.”

The South African government is consistently failing to improve the lives of South Africans. If anything the gains that have been made are regressing.

So rather than have a revolutionary warfare that will destroy lives, you need to do something that will lead to a positive democratic change.

avert the revolution
Bright ideas make the future bright
South African Youth Movement

Our post-liberation future

South Africa has a great constitution which is praised around the world, but the country is in dire straits.

If the people and the politicians understood the constitution, there would be far less consternation, angst and anger that makes people emigrate and investors fear to put money into the country.

Let’s get back on track.